Why do freelancers need a website?

So, you are ready with your degree and experience in web design and wish to kick start your career. You prepare your resume, create a hard copy of your portfolio. You are excited to go to the interviews.

And the counting increases but no one is hiring you. You could not stop but wonder what went wrong…

This scenario actually happens when you don’t have an online presence. Today, we shall tell you why as a freelancer, you should have your own website or web portfolio.


As a Graphic Designer in Auckland, you are subjected to a lot of competition. You may take the help of online referrals and clients might come your way. But they won’t stay for long as you don’t have any permanent gateway to let them into your world. A website will provide you the necessary exposure in this case. You will be found through your blog, your posts, your website landing pages and even through the content you create. Clients will see the service you offer through your website and will be happy to reach out to you for your work.

Increase in pay

When you get more work and you have a professional-looking website, you can charge more than you usually do and clients will be happy to pay. They will understand that the fees are justified, given the amount of professionalism you are providing them through your own website.


When you have your own home page, you won’t have to pitch into clients or send them emails after hours of search on the web. You can have clients come your way and you may choose ones that seem apt. you can slowly start attracting ideal clients which are going to save a lot of time and effort. Also, with predefined packages, service offerings and price sets, you don’t need to waste time convincing clients on your talent.

A level of trust

Having your own website means you will have a certified mode of payment and you can even have online contracts, terms of agreement and FAQs as an eminent part of your website. This will create a sense of trustworthiness in your clients. They won’t have to ask you your previous works, as it will be clearly visible on your website. Also, they can communicate with you anytime through the website. This is very helpful as compared to traditional freelancers who may vanish after a few emails or calls.

A better future

A website is not just an address on the web, it is a beacon of future success. It represents your work and helps you create a buzz in the ever-competitive online world. If you start a website as a freelancer, you can look forward to making it big. In other words, you can even start a company if your website gets traction online. You can hire people to work for you and then you can create a team to work for your clients. You can even look forward to setting up an office in the future.

Having a Website Development  will help you get where you want and even beyond in your career.