What is bounce rate and how to avoid it

When you get into the shoes of a business marketing manager, you might have more than a dozen things to handle in a day. This means that you not only need to take care of the web design and development perspective but also the marketing part of the website. Needless to say, you need to excel in this, let alone having some knowledge about these technical things. And today, we are going to discuss a bounce rate that is important if you are working with a Web Developer or a marketing expert.

What is a bounce rate?

There are tons of people using, visiting and surfing your website daily. While some of them stay, others might choose another one after getting a first glimpse of the portal. This is called bouncing from your site. The bouncing rate is the probability of a user getting away from your site, or in other words, bouncing.

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Role of bouncing rate

Whenever we create a website or design a website, we take into consideration the bouncing rate. The metrics are usually calculated in the marketing or promotional phase of the website. Usually,the bouncing rate plays an important role and is a fundamental factor in judging the success of the website. If the bouncing rate is high, then the website is not doing good or has some flaws. The lower the bouncing rate, the better the chances of the website working successfully.

How to handle it

The bouncing rate is different for a different website. Many additional factors contribute to the numbers. These include:

·         The region in which you are operating

·         The nature of the audience

·         The SEO and marketing

·         Local effect on the website

·         Competitors of the website

·         Web designing

·         Website retention rate

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How to decrease the bouncing rate

To decrease the bounce rate, follow the tips given below

·         Always try to check why users are bouncing. You may seek the reviews and testimonies to know what made them try another site over yours

·         Try to maintain your website well. A bad first landing page or a slow website is not a good sign and increase the bouncing rate

·         The website should have a good marketing strategy. If marketing is not good, it might affect the retention rate. Usually, people bounce when they don’t find what you are promoting, leading to a bounce rate increase

·         The higher bounce rate should be cured as soon as possible. When you get the numbers, start acting on them immediately. If you delay, your website might become vulnerable to a bad online reputation.

Summing it up

After knowing the bouncing rate, we hope you may be able to help your Web Developers and marketing specialist lower it down with great conviction. While many people ignore the bouncing rate, it remains an important aspect of any business or online website. If you ignore such critical things, you will not be able to reach the zenith of success in the world of digital marketing.