Some New Design Tools for 2021

2021 has been a roller coaster ride for humanity. Be it the social distancing or the lack of support for the digital world, the year is showing us not to depend on anything. But humanity is destined to rise again and new web designing tools are surely set to hit the trends soon. Let us know about some of these in brief:

Fluid space calculator

The tool is good for assisting a Design Agency in Auckland in creating a related space system. It also exports the CSS to implement it. The tool helps you to increase space value pairs and multipliers. Further, it helps you see the impact on the screen even before you snag the related code. The software is useful if you wish to determine how things will look in various viewports. It is also handy in creating those custom pairs of space.

Night eye plugin for WordPress

It lets you go into a dark mode option with few simple clicks. When you work on a Web Design in Auckland, it’s easy to love the dark mode while working in WordPress. This is done easily with Night Yet. The tool is customizable and you can even schedule the functions. The free and paid versions have their advantages. The link to credit is mandatory in the free version. 


Love making online charts? Your wish is heard. The Charts.CSS tool helps you in creating beautiful online charts more easily. Its framework uses CSS classes to customize the HTML elements and turn them into charts. The customizable tool is responsive. And the best part is that it’s open-source. So, If you want to add an extra level of creativity to your web design, use this tool for sure.


Have a tough time generating SVG vector shapes? If yes, then this tool is the right fit for you. You can utilize the Haikei SVG generator web app to create backgrounds, SVG shapes and patterns. These can then be used in all types of web designing projects. The tool also gives you the option of saving your creations and then you can use it for integration into any project. The shapes you create are easily customizable. This software is free and you don’t even need to give credits for using it. More features are expected to arrive soon under this software package.


Last but not the least, we have a special tool that offers you abundance and versatility together. The Shuffle is a plugin that takes you to a marketplace with various UI Libraries. You get to choose from tons of options here and you can view various digital projects free of cost. If we talk about numbers, there are more than 1500 pre-built elements and components to choose from. All are made by professional designers. The tool offers premium services and as one can guess, is not free. But paying monthly fees is worth using this marketplace.

So there you have it, our take on the best tools you can use for web design. We hope the information has helped you add some more names to your list of tools to be used in the current year.