How To Deal With Harsh Clients As A Freelancer

For a business owner, the customer is everything. Death, customer and time wait for no one. But does this mean that we pray to our customers to give us work or a good rating? Not really. Here is our take on how you may deal with harsh clients as a freelancer if you were working on a Web Design In NZ.

Be selective

When you start your career as a designer, you might be inviting every type of customer with open arms. But as you progress, you need to be selective in choosing your customers. You may find out who your ideal customer is. Such people understand work and will respect your expertise.

Harsh Clients As A Freelancer

Declining the projects, you don’t want to do

The next thing to keep in mind is that you should say no to the projects that you can’t do. Just because a project comes with a higher payment tag, it doesn’t mean that you should take it on. Reading The descriptions, you should ask yourself ‘can I deliver my best while doing this?’. This way you can get the projects in which the whole work is dedicated to you and the client is easily acceptable to your work.

By willing to decline projects, you might lose some money, but you will surely avoid a giant toll on your mind that will come with a stressful task.

Remember that you are freelancing

You are freelancing for a reason- to find the ease of work and hone your Web Design in NZ abilities. And most importantly, you are not tied to a single employer. You should not forget this while working. Your clients are not eligible to argue with you in non-productive meetings. They are not authorized to give you additional work. You are working for yourself and you should not get caught in the idea of being employed by your client.

Harsh Clients As A Freelancer

Things can become messy when your client starts acting like an employer. They become rude and harsh. Then, you need to remind them that you are freelancing. They have chosen to work along with you due to your preferred skill set and talents. As long as you are providing them good work, you are not answerable for any sort of complaint or rude behavior.


Summing it up, always remember that you started freelancing for a reason- to get success in the type of work you love. And if in the middle, you get caught in some unwanted arguments, you should completely avoid it or try to forget it. Bad and good experiences are everywhere and the same way, good and bad customers are in our industry always. While good ones give us motivations, bad ones make us stronger and we learn how to deal with them in the future.