Graphic Resumes- What and How

As a Freelance Website Designer, you might be aware of the websites that act as an online portfolio of a professional. While you might spend days refining a website design, you may need a few hours to create a graphic design resume, which may work even better than a website. The term might sound somewhat new to you right. Let’s know more about this in brief

A graphic resume is an aesthetically appealing resume that displays various details, basic information and additional content of a professional through an attractive design. The resume can be digital or hardware. As with a website, it is an important piece of document that requires special attention. It is the first impression of a professional and hence, needs to be worked upon with enthusiasm.

Freelance Website Designer,

To start creating a graphic resume, you need to gather all the content first. Though it is a visual page, you don’t need to miss any details about the person. All details such as work experience, education, additional skills should be included.

After collecting the data, you may create a rough blueprint of which content to display first. Side by side, you should start creating backgrounds, the layout plan and a rough graphic conceptualization that will go well along with the content.

The next step is to merge the content with the design. You may do this by checking the overall look of the document or the page side by side. For instance, you may add a cover page and preview it in real-time to get a hang of the design. The same goes for other details.  After adding both content and design, you can choose which element to add or delete. You may look over options such as bars, columns, logos, banners, dividers, etc.

Freelance Website Designer,

Give an overall revision to the entire resume. You need to check whether the colors are matching with the niche of the professional. You also need to view if the font is in accordance with the design or not.

As the last part, you should check the resume on all devices including phones and smart tablets. The basic details such as the format in which the resume is to be exported, the type of document the customer wants, the online compatibility of the document, the website integration of the resume and similar things come under this step. And don’t forget to check the resume from a user’s perspective as the final step of the process.

After you are done with these, your resume should be ready to be uploaded or printed. Also, make sure that you backup all the work and create copies. As an added factor, the resume should also be eligible for an upgrade and should be editable. This provides a sense of conviction in the minds of your clients as they can easily add or remove any information later on. Also, the design elements should be easily changeable. With some practice and belief, you can hone the ability to create a Graphics Designer-oriented resume and add another feather to your hat as a freelancer.