Freelancer websites- the best and the worst

When you start looking for websites, the first thing that comes into your mind is where to begin. You might have a few recommendations with you. But there is nothing that affirms that you are getting quality Freelancer Website Designers in Auckland.

But one option that drives assurance is freelancer websites. The giants like Freelancer and Upwork provide millions of clients with work by bringing them in contact with graphic design freelancers or web design freelancers. But are those websites really for you? Let’s get to know this in detail:


The first thought that business owners have in their minds regarding freelancer websites is the ‘security of the payments’. This has been taken care of by the websites and there is almost no doubt that your money and transactions are secured. This has been successful thanks to the steps taken by these websites. The majority of the websites rely on online encryption, security checks, documentation requirements and account validity.


This is a 50-50 scenario. Since the crowd of freelancers is getting denser every day, you have to choose the one who can be trusted. Certain facts can guarantee this. When choosing a freelancer, mind these points:

·      Always note that the freelancers’ profile is validated

·      Check the previous number of projects- the bigger the number, the better

·      Look for valid communication details such as phone number or email id

·      Check the past reviews and testimonies

·      Never share personal details with the freelancer

Usually, clients get used to finding reliable freelancers. But here and there, they do fall prey to some who do not provide quality work and vanish after the project. This is something every work seeker should be ready for.

Payments and transactions

Before making your account on a freelancer website, it is very important to understand the terms and conditions of the working of such portals. They do charge some amount of fee from both the parties. Many websites have different criteria for charges and payments. This is normal and should be accepted by every account holder. The payments you make are always secure and transactions are done through a safe payment gateway. There are various payment options such as PayPal, credit or debit card, UPI payments, net banking and so on.

You should not worry about the currency of the freelancer if he is from another country. The payments get transferred into the account of the website in Dollars and you can transfer them to your account, which is usually in your currency. Also, there is an option to show money in your currency, if you wish to change it. This makes the payment calculation scenario more convenient.


Last but not the least, transparency is a crucial factor. The online websites, ones that have a good reputation and are used by freelancers daily have transparent guidelines. they will tell you about their terms on each step and even before you create your account. To stay safe at your end, it is always wiser to read their policy and terms pages before you start using the websites.