Few remarkable design trends of 2020

As we near the last chore of the year, we try to look back and find what stayed in the minds of the customers as the best trends of web design in Auckland.

Designs that complement each other

As a new trend, designers are starting to merge and flow one web element into another. This might be a tough job to do, but the result is very rewarding. The trend foresees an amalgamation of web-connected elements in an eye-catching way. The design is achieved using a static or interactive element. All you need to do is to stick to the theme of designing parts that enter the area of one another seamlessly.

While this design trend might appear simple on cards, it is not the real case. Bringing in responsiveness is quite tricky here, which accounts for the time and effort this concept takes. Ensuring that pieces work and are in perfect shapes and sizes, coinciding with each other perfectly, surely takes lots of practice and planning.

Few examples included an ice cube box merging with a typography headline or a static screen merging into a graphic that keeps on moving at the other half of the screen.

Brutalism stays

This theme isn’t going anywhere soon and might even come back in the next year. The latest styles include using sharp and harsh lines along with questionable readability. The compressed space also includes elements that keep users engaged for a longer period. The use of basic color and static font choice is also included. Some of the design instances are the use of half blue screen with white offset color on the other half along with a text congested in the space.

Many websites depend on the element of making a user thinking ‘what should I do here’. The sleek designs will take you by surprise at first but there is another surprise waiting if you scroll the page, which is the beauty of brutal designs.

Use of beige

While classic blue was the color of the year, we would recommend testing beige if you are into designing. This is the true color that designers have adapted to take elegance in web design Auckland to a whole new level. Going that extra mile, designers are even using varied shades of beige color to make appealing landing pages and static websites. The light shade allows you to use any bright colored font which makes the text stand out.

You can always play with the saturation levels and the choices are limitless.

So there you have the three main trends that you need to follow in the next year as well. While there are more unique and maiden designing trends also waiting for you in the future, these are the most popular ones. We hope you enjoyed reading about web design trends.

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