Few new tools for website designers

Looking for elements that work best for you? Well, you can have if not all, a few of your important questions answered here. Let us dwell on the list of best tools for Freelancer Website Designers.


Looking for icons? Looking for more and more icons? IconDuck is your gateway to a catalog of hundreds of icons. To number it, it has more than 100,000 icons to choose from. And the best part is, it’s open-source and hence icons are free. What else do icon lovers want? Go try yourself today.

Freelancer Website Designers


Videos are an important part of website designing nowadays. But no one likes those edgy graphics, humming noises and other blurs in videos. Let Descript halt your unevenness in the video editing. The program uses a very interesting AI-based feature that makes it simple to transcribe, record, publish and edit the files.


We all love storing bookmarks. Though adding a bookmark is a one-second deed, finding the one you need at the right time takes minutes. This is solved with the help of Linkace. Welcome your premium link storage and organizing tool. This is an open-source tool that uses tags and lists to help you find the bookmarks in a jitter. Don’t forget to try the demo before downloading.


Looking to integrate some forms? Try Formality as it makes the process easier. The tool makes forms addition and creation a sinecure. This is a WordPress tool and hence popular in content management systems. It works with Gutenberg-based form creators. It uses a single block format that can be designed to control the entire form. It also comes with a theme that fits with the overall theme of the website.

Editor X

If you wish to work on an alternative to WordPress, Editor X might fulfill your needs. Earlier in Beta, the platform is not out of the trial mode in 2021. It comes with easy to use and interactive features making it easier to create web pages and posts. It has features such as shared design libraries, live commenting, code-free designing and roles & permissions.

Freelancer Website Designers

Mutsu Acen

This one is for digital art creators and artists. The tool can take you into a simplified digital drawing canvas where designing everything is possible in an easier manner. It helps you create not just interactive, but animated drawings as well. Creating a sketch or doodle is very popular.


Pika is like a color palette for Mac designers. The open-source tool lets you find color swatches in real-time. This saves time as you get pre-set color swatches as per the design of the templates. It also comes with features such as accessibility compliance, compact style and size options, desktop accessibility, coloring codes and much more.We hope this small list will help you refine your designing skills in the coming year. A Freelance Website Designer can easily use these tools as most of them are free.