Best web design trends you need to follow this year

Web designers, especially freelance graphic designers have a never-ending affair with the latest trends. Not only their work represents the latest and modest designs, but it also shows how creative they are in implementing new designing inclinations. Let’s us raise curtains off some of the popular web design trends you might keep an eye on:

Fluent Better logo

We saw the Uber logo change its font and letter case in 2018. The same happened with MailChimp font and logo change. The trend of going from highly artistic to simply fluent and easy to read has paved the way for popularity. The serif-less logos will become more and more popular and the trend is not going anywhere in the next few months.

Brutal web designs

No, this is not about some social news or social evil. Brutalism is indeed a graphic movement that is trending and will continue to do so. The process includes creating a website design with no custom styling, that can be read on all devices and screens. It not only seems simple but is eye-catching too. It is the process of making content more readable and less lengthy. Squarespace brand identity graphics is a perfect example.

Holographs and illusions

When you surf online, you usually stop at a website having a design that is changing in microseconds and gives you an illusion. You tend to explore more and dive into what you have just experienced. Companies will be cashing on this type of graphic design as it attracts more visitors. The 3D product integration of such designs bridges the gap between designs and humans in an alluring manner.

Vintage styles

As we progress into the future, vintage designs appear to be making a comeback. And when coupled with the artistic minds of professionals working at Auckland web design companies, the game goes to a whole new level. Pencil sketches, sleek lines, black and white banners and old favorite black logos- they all are favorite elements of users as well as designers. You might see more of them in the coming few months.

Video graphics

Compare a website with stationary graphics with ones showcasing moving videos on the home page. You will surely love to explore moving videos more. Videos are now an important part of graphic designing and their integration makes everyone interactive. However, you need to ensure that the loading time remains short and the website does not become heavy. This can be done by altering the quality and length of the video to be included. Many more inventions in this trend are on the charts for the future.


While we don’t know what future beholds, we can predict some trends that will stay for some time. The above-described ones are only a few of the many trends that graphic designing entails.

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