5 Ideal alternatives to Google Analytics

When you think of giving the final touches to your website, you often think about the integration of marketing channels, analytics being the main highlight. As a Website Designer in Auckland, you need to have more than one option to give a better analytics integration website to your clients. Here are few good ones you might look to consider. Let’s get into the details straight away;


If you like a privacy-oriented analytic platform, this can be a no-brainer. It provides an easy and simplistic approach for clients. The dashboard can provide you the easiest way to look into analytics that enforces great business decisions. The platform is also good for freelancers. It is also used for multiple projects, thanks to its ability to allow you to run multiple domains from one account. The cookieless platform is also following compliance with PECR, CCPA, ePrivacy and so on.

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Popular software with designers, Heap is a platform that uses event-based protocols. You can view detailed and deep insights about your customers. And all this is done seamlessly, accounting for its popularity. The platform also offers an auto-track system that helps to integrate new elements and get them running almost instantaneously. You can fine-tune the details letter. This means that the platform is easily customizable. The tool is ideal for startups. Microsoft has been using this platform for years.


This one is included in our list as it is a complete suite, not just an analytics platform. The software includes a set of web tools and has acclaimed perfection in split testing as well as notifications. The platform maximizes your sales channel through most of the offerings. The dashboard is very intricately designed and you can easily get a fish-eye view from the first page. You also get to enjoy lots of features that can be customized and used as per your need. This platform is best for industries and in-house teams who have time to look into the analytics and alter it to make their sales boost.

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Full story

If you have been looking for an analytic program that offers great features with emphasis on user experience, the FullStory is ideal for you. The engaging online products you can develop with this platform are simply extraordinary, making it a strong contender on our list. The platform offers various tools which are good for in-house teams and companies or even freelancers. It offers insights that can help database engineers as well as marketing specialists. Also, this is one of the most modern and futuristic analytical programs that uses Artificial Intelligence to interrupt and track major or unwanted events. It automatically tracks events such as rage clicks, traffic inclinations, breaks from events, sudden boost in sales and so on. You can take a tour of the software and get used to the insights easily.

So there we have, some of the best alternatives if Google Analytics is not your thing. As a Website Designer in Auckland, you might start practicing on one of these to add a skillset to your resume.